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“No medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make changes that the illness was designed to inspire. How you choose to respond may have the greatest impact on our outcome. Greater than any other treatment.”

Carolyn Myss

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Session Availability (all times MST)

Tuesday's 10am-4pm

Wednesday's 10am-4pm

Sessions will be at Blue Mountain Alchemy on wild & sacred Ute land in Lyons, CO.  I also offer this work via distance sessions over phone or Zoom.

My goal is to provide the most advanced Functional Nutrition Therapy with the wisdom of Eastern Medicine, the Wise Woman tradition, and Intuitive Energy Medicine. To create a focused personalized experience that brings you results and is life changing.   

3-Month Holistic Healing, Wellness, & Coaching Program

In-depth work with continuity and cost efficiency.


A path to Self Discovery, through Nourishing Wisdom and Food as Medicine. Healing our physical, emotional, and spiritual body by understanding our ancestral blueprint, shifting our belief systems, rewriting our story while deeply nourishing our body. This individual immersion provides you with the tools, the plan and support to heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. To initiate, create, and maintain deeply rooted change.

  • 90-minute Intake and inspiration session

  • 1-Day Private Shamanic Nourishment Retreat

  • Full Health Evaluation and Implementation plan

  • 2x3 - 75  minute Private Coaching and Energy work sessions

  • Personalized Diet and Exercise Plan

  • 3 Month Priority Email and Text access for support, feedback, and questions

  • 60-minute Celebration and next step call

Success Stories

I'm feeling really well. This program has helped me so much. I was truely addicted to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I felt exhausted all the tiem and I wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep! Even though I was sleepy during the day, my night sleep was very disrupted. After doing this cleanse I have so much energy. I actually want to exercise and eat healthy. I sleep better at night and never want to nap. My healthy food choices have become habit. I feel happier and more in control. I feel " cleansed," inside and out.

K. McKinley, NJ

Esther Cohen seamlessly integrates her various expertise to meet your healthcare concerns. She complements and enhances any healthcare method you are pursuing by providing sound advice in nutrition and supplementation, while using energy medicine to address mind/body/spirit issues often overlooked in conventional western medicine. If you want to feel better and are wondering how, go see Esther!

SM California

Esther’s cleanses are wildly insightful and easy to understand and implement. She gives you a truly well balanced approach to healing and resetting your mind, body, and spirit. I found the recipes and meal plans to be fairly easy with planning and 100% delicious. I would absolutely recommend her cleanses to the novice, as well as, the experienced health seeker. Enjoy!

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