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A Lifestyle and Rejuvenation Retreat:

Coming September 2024!

Northampton, England

Coming September 2024

"Nourishing the life that feeds your soul."

-Esther Cohen

Centered on balanced nutrition, mindful eating, and steeped in ritual and connection, we will come together in the mystery and magic of the old English countryside to experience our human potential. We will explore the biological and metaphysical interconnectedness of our human nature and the raw environment. Through Wild Contemplation, song, dance, ceremony and the art of deep listening, we will embody resonance with the natural world.

We will gather to ignite the spark of vibrant living and cultivate wellness together in community. The cornerstone of this experience is the 5 day Autumn Food-As-Medicine retreat designed to clear inner stagnation and restore harmony in our ecosystem. Our invitation is to develop body sensing and awareness tools to establish sovereignty and return agency to you and your health journey. Experience food as much more than the raw fuel we eat to sustain our bodies. Everything is food. We eat all of life’s experiences to nourish our soul.

Through this process, we will work on old blueprints that have informed what our bodies crave, physically and emotionally. Rewriting these harmful narratives, we will rewire our neural pathways. As humans, we reach for comfort – developing addictions from a wounded place and we lose connection with what we truly need on a deeper level to be nourished. This program is designed to restore our somatic intelligence, our primal birth rite, so we may wholly thrive and connect to our soulful purpose.

“The invitation to health is where there is no distinction between living
and living the life your soul longs to live.”
~Esther Cohen

What to expect physically, emotionally, and energetically


  • Through Soil and Soul, cultivate a sensual and emotional intelligence in the bones and stones of the ancient countryside

  • Eliminate unconscious habitual patterns by shifting neural pathways through guided imagery

  • Identify bodily cues of a reactive state in order to regulate emotional responses

  • Singing to nourish the central nervous system and experience the resonance of harmony

  • Movement Sessions to release stagnant emotions held within the body

  • Meditation and Perception exercise to recognize, challenge, and expand outdated belief systems


  • Luxurious Cottage Accommodations at The Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby

  • Autumn Food As Medicine Rejuvenation: Organic and Locally Sourced

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner curated for optimal clearing of accumulated congestion

  • Teas, Tinctures,Tonics, & Treats

  • Daily Yoga, Time in Nature, and Open Water Swimming

  • Nourishing practices and tools to elevate your health and vitality

  • Rejuvenation Package: Alchemy of Nourishment: The Art, Science and Magic of Eating and Wild Contemplation: Journal of Embodiment

  • Autumn Cleanse Recipe and Guidebook

  • Rejuvenation Supplements ($200 value – specifics to follow in welcome packet)


  • Wild Contemplation: a practice that invites us back to our wild true selves and cultivates our symbiotic relationship to the natural world

  • Understand and experience the Energetics of the elementals and food we eat

  • Meditation and perception exercises to recognize, challenge and expand outdated belief systems

  • Learn to dialogue with the voice behind the symptom to tap into the wisdom and consciousness held within the organ energy system

  • Create an authentic relationship with the more than human world though the power of metaphor, story and art

Meet Your Guides

Esther Cohen – Lead Guide


Esther Cohen, MS, RD, FNT at The Alchemy of Nourishment is a master herbalist, gifted energy healer, intuitive wisdom keeper, registered dietitian, author, and guide for embodied well-being, supporting humans in becoming more whole and available to their souls’ truest expression. Her uplifting teachings are rooted in the sacred feminine of the wild natural world and her work invites somatic healing through an integration of Eastern and Western traditional medicines, nutritional science, and energetics. Her work delves into the root causes of illness, exploring ancestral and familial trauma, the voice behind the symptom, as well as the organ consciousness that is an expression of our unique essential nature.


Esther loves designing environments that nourish the whole person, creating a sense of coherence and balance within the internal and external landscapes, as well as regulation of the nervous system. She is passionate about holding space for community to participate in sacred ceremony and the expressive arts. As a holistic professional chef, Esther creates recipes for life that deeply nourish, not just the physical, but the emotional and spiritual body, as well; all to encourage remembering, repair and activation for evolutionary healing, growth, and magic. Esther is the mother of two lively daughters and lives with her husband and dogs on 40 acres backing up to national forest on sacred Ute Indian land in northern Colorado, USA. She is blessed to spend much of her time playing in nature.

Katie Klumb


Katie Klumb, MA, LPC is a transpersonal psychotherapist, psychedelic plant medicine advocate, meditation instructor, and reiki practitioner whose aim is to support individuals on their healing journey. The purpose of her work is to bring hope back to those who feel hopeless; to help individuals remember their own innate wisdom and ability to heal so that they may be reconnected to a life of peace and equanimity. Katie earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where she currently teaches graduate students. She is an advocate for psychedelic medicine use and supports individuals integrating their own personal altered states experiences. You can find Katie enjoying her life in the natural beauty of Colorado where she lives and runs her private practice, Awakening Peace Counseling.

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