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Food as Medicine

"Nourish the life that feeds your soul"

Cleansing is a key element of a nourished life. Often a complicating factor contributing to symptoms, dis-ease and illness is toxic overload stemming from a compromised detoxification process.

In other words, problems such as: food sensitives, nutrient deficiencies, improper estrogen metabolism, adrenal insufficiency, poor blood sugar regulation, headaches, weight gain, lack of energy, brain fog, IBS, high blood pressure and even cancer manifest because of our exposure to toxins that are produced in our body and that we are exposed to in our increasingly polluted environments.


What can you expect?

My easy to follow, step-by-step guides lead you to tangible positive changes in your relationship with food, lifestyle, physical and emotional health.

Unlike many cleanses out there, my cleanses are food-based – aiming not to deprive, but rather, to deeply nourish.

By restoring normal functioning and establishing a healthy digestive system, my clients and students have experienced increased quality of life, decreased anxiety and depression, better sleep, reduced inflammation, resolution of symptoms, weight loss and a boost in overall energy.

Establish an intimacy with your body that opens the doorway to a vibrant mind, body and spirit. Through mindfulness practices, real food and understanding, the Alchemy of Nourishment Seasonal Cleanses will change your life.

“I struggled with severe bouts of diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. Some days I literally could not leave my house. Then my doctor recommended removing part of my colon. Before taking such a drastic step, I decided to start brothing. Every morning, before eating anything else, I drink one cup of warm, nourishing broth. It sounds like such a simple thing, but the effect it’s had on my digestive system (and my life) has been phenomenal. Not only did I avoid surgery, I’m almost symptom free. And I have more energy than I ever had before.”

M. McGrew – Boynton Beach, FL

 " The recipe portion of Esther’s book is worth its weight in gold! Using many of her flavorful and wholesome recipes during and ever since the cleanse, Esther is now vicariously the most popular person in my household. My whole family now eats healthier, more savory meals on a regular basis, with her nourishing smoothies as snacks in between. Although the cleanse was three months ago, I have continued working with Esther on my own health issues, and I literally feel like a new person. I have so appreciated her balanced, gentle approach to my healing, and I can’t say enough about the results!

Heather VerWys, 47, Boulder, CO

Restore          Rebuild         Rejuvenate        Thrive!

What is often at the root of feeling “unhealthy” is both psychological and the physical effects of: irregular sleep, minimal exercise, poor digestion, and lack of clean food, water, and air. This often results in food sensitivities, mood fluctuations, improper estrogen metabolism, adrenal insufficiency and poor blood sugar regulation. All of the above issues impede the body’s normal detoxification processes, so a cleanse and rejuvenation program is optimal to restore the body’s vital functions. Throughout each seasonal cleanse you will learn to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle year round.


nour-ish: to provide sustenance and support human evolution

Success Stories

Success Stories

I did the 21-day cleanse and it was everything Esther said it would be: more energy and calmness. And on day eight, my face rash, which I have had for over a year, really toned down and is continuing to heal. Regaining my self-discipline and sense of health was worth all the juicing and brewing. Now, I am embracing most of the program, even after the 21-Days.

Jim, Boulder, CO

“I love the recipes and have cooked most of them. I’ve done a number of cleanses with Esther and am in the middle of the 10 day winter cleanse. Esther’s Cleanses, to me, are about ‘food as medicine.’ Every recipe is both delicious and healthy. And Esther explains why this is so. I passed this on to a dozen good friends. Her book is my go-to cookbook.

Sally, Bend Or.

Esther’s seasonal cleanses have changed my life. The meals are wonderful and you never feel deprived. The first time I followed the cleanse diet my doctor had to decrease the dosage of my thyroid medication – the same dose I had been taking for 20 years! In addition, both my husband and I lose weight while cleansing. It’s amazing to eat more than we usually do and still lose weight.

SK, New Jersey

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