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Nourishing Destiny

Soul-directed education in the art, science and energetics of healing

Nourishing Destiny is a "living school" of Inner Alchemy where we teach through the art of embodiment. It is a soul-directed, educational experience that fosters connection to self, community, the natural world, and spirit. We offer each participant a taste of the joy and peacefulness that comes when you feed your being and begin to live in harmony with your natural rhythm, in sync with the natural world and awake to your life’s purpose.

Unique Nature + Soul Expression = Life’s Purpose

Through exploration of the ancient traditions of the East and the modern scientific developments of the West, you will develop a profound understanding of the self – at an energetic, physical and emotional dimension.

Together we embrace the alchemical paths of the healer, teacher, guide, and cook; to build a foundation of embodied wisdom that serves as a map to the conscious evolution for ourselves and our community. We are apprentices, to the Alchemy of Nourishment, learning the art, science, and magic of living an abundant sustainable life.

This 12 month online and onsite program is an immersion into a full spectrum of subjects from nutrition to the esoteric. Once a month individual phone sessions with Esther are included, to support your unique process throughout the program. Weaving together the un-integrated parts of ourselves and gathering the resources of your Soul’s destiny to manifest with ease.


Cultivating and Transforming our Physical Bodies

Physical               Mental               Emotional               Spiritual               Energetic

For the Physical body:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of nutrition and processes of metabolism

  • The Dietary Basis for 21st century disease, Life cycle nutrition, cleansing detoxifying, food energetics, and cooking

  • The psychology of eating, our intimate relationship to nourishment

  • Herbal medicines and plant spirits

  • Transformational body usage, structural emotional integration exercises

  • Dance of embodiment, movement as a map to explore emotional nature

For the Emotional body:

  • Consciousness of our physiology, listening to the voice of symptoms

  • The wisdom and conscious expression in our organs, endocrine and chakra systems 

  • Exploring our elemental nature, life cycles, 5 elements, 7 stages of healing

For the Mental body:

  • Unraveling the mysteries of our personal stories

  • Understanding our DNA through our ancestral blueprint, perceptions and biology of belief

  • Sacred roots of healing, holding a container for grief, death and dying

  • Shamanic journey and nature based adventure


Who This Program Will Serve:

Anyone who desires to be free of unconscious beliefs and patterns that create masks of guilt, shame, and negative self worth, that want to manifest a new body, mind and being, resonant of your true radiant self. 

For those who wish to embody their soul skin, and enjoy the riches life has to offer. It will be of benefit to all professions, not only for your own personal evolution but these tools can be utilized to enhance occupations from entrepreneurs and business professionals to counselors, therapists, and health care practitioners.

Cultivate the finest expression of your soul’s essence

By the end of this program, you will...
  • Understand the consciousness held within your biology and physiology

  • Have a clear map to move through the process of change

  • Understand the cycles and rhythms of your body

  • Deepen your ability to experience your emotional body and create fluidity with your feelings so that they become guideposts to direct and inform your actions

  • Uncover your ancestral-energetic blueprint, comprehend the stories that hold that blueprint in place and recognize the patterns derived from those stories.

  • Learn how to thrive in your physical body and embrace living in a body free of stagnation, repression and habituated defense patterns

  • Break free of your programmed personality and embody your essential purpose and essence

  • Embrace life as an individual in a larger community and free yourself of deep wounding

  • Embrace the polarities of light and dark

  • Develop a map for how to live in sustainable community and grow past cultural isolation

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