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Private Clients

As a functional nutritionist,intuitive counselor, and ritual artist I address a full spectrum of disorders, chronic illness, mental imbalances, female life cycle changes and diseases of unknown origins, and life transitions.

Just relieving symptoms doesn’t create lasting change.
Your story holds the type of vital information that no lab value could ever reveal.
Acknowledging life’s transitions through embodied ritual, allows the unfolding of a new story. 

By listening deeply to your story – your ancestry and history from birth until the present – we can uncover the hidden conversation that lies at the root of your imbalance and symptoms – a conversation informed from your body’s wisdom is never going to show up on test scores.

When we work together, I help you find real solutions to get to the root of your problems and reclaim your health.

I offer the most advanced Functional Nutrition Therapy combined with the wisdom of Eastern and Energy Medicine to create a focused experience that is personalized, life-changing, and brings you results.

This program provides you with the tools, the plan, and the support to heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.


Your personal plan will include:


  • An understanding of the energetics of your symptom story and ancestral blueprint

  • Functional nutritional evaluation and protocols

  • Holistic lifestyle recommendations

  • Easy to implement dietary strategies

  • Visioning sessions

  • Bodytalk energy balancing

  • Mind-body stress reduction

  • Structural & emotional integration practices

  • Dietary supplements & herbal suggestions

  • Next steps to keep your healing process moving forward

Sessions will be at my home office on 40 acres of sacred land in Lyons.

I also offer this work via distance sessions over phone or Zoom.

I understand that choosing a practitioner can be a long and difficult process and so our initial intake session is commitment free. To sign up, please contact us through the contact form or email.

Success Stories

As an aging athlete, I love the energy and improved recovery that I experienced during the cleanse program. I had no idea that what I eat can have this profound effect on my physical and emotional well-being. Learning to listen to what my body wants in order to be strong and healthy is a gift that has changed my life.

Betsy, Louisville, CO

Esther Cohen is an extremely talented nutritionist and intuitive healer. She helped me through peri-menopausal issues and guided my recovery from pneumonia in just one week. She balanced my son’s allergies to soy and my other son’s emotional adjustment issues at school. I have seen her improve people’s health in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to live a healthier, more balanced life.

EN Louisville, Co

Esther’s cleanses are wildly insightful and easy to understand and implement. She gives you a truly well balanced approach to healing and resetting your mind, body, and spirit. I found the recipes and meal plans to be fairly easy with planning and 100% delicious. I would absolutely recommend her cleanses to the novice, as well as, the experienced health seeker. Enjoy!

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