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A series of  repeated practices that connect  your intuition, and inner wisdom, to the mystery and magic of the universe.  

“ When one sense grows into freedom, All the other senses change as well. When one sense perceives the hidden, The invisible world becomes apparent to the whole.”






Participation in community + ritual is medicine for the Soul.

Ritual Artist

Honoring the significance of life’s transitions, Esther’s work is a creation of living ceremony. Her rich background in Shamanic arts, cultural nutritional anthropology, wilderness exploration including mountaineering expeditions, and somatic dance infuse her work with beauty, tradition and a taste of the wild. Through the art of embodiment, ceremony is brought to life offering participants an opportunity to create dynamic change in their lives.

Esther has traveled extensively throughout the Native American Nations, Meso America, South America, Bali, Vietnam, Australia, the Mediterranean and Greater Europe learning traditional healing modalities, cultural cuisine, and spiritual healing practices. In exchange for their wisdom, she has worked side-by-side in these communities to assist childbirth, served in medical clinics and led pilgrimages to honor their wisdom.

Esther, and her husband Peter, are stewards and co-collaborators with the spirits of Sacred Ute land on the Little Thompson River outside of Lyons, Colorado. They facilitate numerous workshops, rituals, and cultural feasts, to inspire strong connections to the land and community - honoring the natural cycles of life.

        As a ritual artist/spirit holder Esther speaks to the yearning for soul that we all secretly harbor: to live in the mystery and to learn to love it. Her clear, steady voice speaks with an ever-ripening authority that's easy on the ears. We orient naturally to her presence as she becomes both guide and supplicant on our behalf, holder of the liminal, humble escort to the between and beyond.







-E.M. Lyons Colorado

Honoring Life Transitions

Through Nourishing Rituals we bring conscious intention and self remembering into our daily lives. Experiencing ourselves as an integral participant in the web of life fosters appreciation for the sacred in everything.

  • Rites of Passage from menses to menopause

  • Life’s Thresholds and Transitions

  • Blessing ways, Births, and Weddings

  • Sacred Divorce counseling and ceremony

  • Embodied Ritual Theater designed for group journeys into magical realms

  • Cultural and Cuisine dinners with traditional foods, music and entertainment

  • Ceremonial Arts & Crafts: rattles, medicine bags, talisman, herbal medicines 

  • Sacred Travels - group immerisions into the cultural, nutritional and spiritual anthropology of worldwide indigenous peoples. 

  • Housewarmings and energy clearings

“ When we ignore the sacredness of life and the possibility of living ecstatically, we risk losing our self, our soul in the process.” 

~Margot Anand

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