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The Missing
in Health

My mission is to empower you to take your health care back into your hands.

“We are in a humanitarian health crisis of Body, Mind, and Spirit. The existing paradigm of healthcare, how we work, how we feed ourselves, coupled with hyper-individualism and a lack of belonging, has left us confused, overwhelmed, disconnected, and sicker than ever. The aim of my work is to connect you to a sense of agency in your body, to bring you into balance with yourself and the natural world, in order to cultivate a vibrant life.”

Hello, I'm Esther.

My mission is to empower you to take your health care back into your hands. Alchemy is the power and process of transforming something common into something extraordinary. I will support you not simply to ‘get-by’ but to thrive.

The foundation of my work is based on a unique theory of nourishment. I am passionate about how we do and don’t allow ourselves to be nourished. How we nourish our bodies reveals a deep and intimate relationship that reflects the expression of our spirit in all that we do. Food is much more than the raw fuel we eat to sustain our bodies.

All life’s experiences are food for our being to nourish our soul.

Nutrition Therapy      Energy Medicine      Soul Whisperer      Ritual Artist

Combining the science of Functional Medicine, the Psychology of Eating, herbalism, and ancient healing modalities with the art of energy medicine, the Alchemy of Nourishment facilitates your individual path to wellness.

Esther’s unique process gives voice to the stories held within the body’s cellular memory, which are expressed as physical symptoms and disease. Throughout this process, you unravel and heal years of imbalance, ancestral patterning and epigenetic blueprints. Healing happens at the source, a deep and lasting level to activate the body’s innate healing wisdom, which naturally allows your spirit to flourish.

Esther is a Soul Whisperer, an intuitive and empath, who understands that we eat, digest, and metabolize all of life’s experiences. Her positive insight brings conscious awareness and joy to every healing journey.

Creating relationship with the natural world, Esther guides individuals to cultivate their primal nature within, developing 360 degrees of perception to view the world through. Activating the eyes of the soul and deeply nourishing mind, body, and spirit.

Her work is to foster connection and integration with your essential nature, so that you walk your soul’s path of nourishing destiny while living an inspired, authentic life.

“ Our three basic needs for food and security and love, are so mixed and mingled and intertwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others.”

~M.F.K Fisher 


Medicine Wheel of Nourishment

The medicine wheel of nourishment is a synthesis of various maps of the interplay of the natural world and human psychospiritual expression. It depicts the energetic, elemental, psychological, emotional and physical aspects of being. You can use the medicine wheel as a guide to help deepen your understanding of where you are in the present moment and how that informs your thoughts, decisions and health. It is a tool to help you uncover your hidden conversation.



My goal is to guide you in designing a diet that truly nourishes you.

The word diet comes from the Greek diata, which means ‘way of life.’ Every species on the planet has a specific diet especially suited for the geography and climate they inhabit. Human’s diet developed in the same way, while adding cultural flavorings and orienting to the abundance of foods of each region. Yet today this is not our design. We manufacture foods which have a profound impact on our health and the health of the animals whose diets and environments we’ve influenced. We commonly fall into a diet of convenience driven by the stress of our lives. When we choose experiences, relationships, activities, environments and foods that nourish us, we choose a life that supports our soul’s purpose and eliminates the influences that cause dis-ease and physical symptoms.

At the root of many of our problems lies poor digestion. The inability to digest our food is just as damaging as our inability to process our experiences and traumas. We’ve become an inflamed culture with rampant sensitivities and the path forward is not to eliminate everything or start living in a bubble. Instead, I teach how to rebuild a strong, vibrant and vital physical container.


The gut is our primary gateway to physical health but it is only the beginning. I look at your genetic, psychological and physical makeup and use the information to help you understand your unique healing code. No two people heal the same way and no one diet will work for everyone. Embracing your body’s natural wisdom will give you the energy, wellbeing and presence to live the life you dream.

I treat individuals and families through all stages of life. The reality is, feeling exhausted, achy, hungry or “hormonal” is not normal – or necessary.

You deserve real solutions that get to the root of your symptoms and address health on a deeper level than medical bandaids can provide. You deserve to feel good, happy, vibrant and whole.

You deserve a diet that is designed to serve your needs and goals, which will ultimately allow you to eat without permanent and unnecessary restriction.


What is the missing conversation in health?

“ Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously” 

- Mark Twain

Esther’s work complements conventional therapy for psychiatric and medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. This integrative approach will enhance the healing process to improve outcomes and recovery time. In addition to energy medicine, she offers natural remedies through herbs and nutritional supplements to augment pharmaceutical protocols. Whether you’re joining me at my healing practice in Boulder or connecting remotely through individual sessions or online classes, I look forward to bringing joy, healing, and harmony into your life!

Success Stories

My daughter has Celiac and was really having a lot of digestive issues, she could barely eat anything without flaring her system. Through our work with Esther, she can now have a more normal life and is able to eat a greater variety of foods, her gut is so much healthier. Esther’s work is so unique as she combines her extensive knowledge of nutrition with intuitive healing and hands on techniques to really address the emotional and spiritual side which we know is a vital part of healing the gut. Her work has been invaluable to us as our daughter is hardly ever doubled over in pain like she was on an almost daily basis when we first started. Esther helped our 11 year old get her life back and enjoy eating again, I highly recommend her.

Michele F., Longmont

In my mind, the special thing about Esther’s work is not only the depth of it, but how comprehensive it is. Her expertise in many areas allows her to service the “whole” person. I am ever grateful for her work with not only me,but also with my son and daughter. Her knowledge with nutrition and supplements is only the beginning, and her ability to test for knowing what a person needs, how much, and in combination with other vitamins and/or medications is right on.
The dietary support is only the beginning, as she is gifted in working energetically and somatically, to work with emotional blocks and issues. For my adult son, who was struggling with long lasting cannabis inducedmental health symptoms, this balance of energetic, somatic, and talk therapeutic modalities, in combination with nutritional balance (coordinated with prescribed medications) was
key. Her compassion and wisdom and many areas of expertise combine for treatment that works and lasts. Esther is a true gift to the community!

Michele, Boulder, Co

I was amazed at how vibrant and alive I felt by the end of the program! I have done it twice and many of my food sensitivities and gut issues have healed. Plus, I lost about 7 pounds every time I did it and continued to lose weight almost effortlessly after it was over! Now, I incorporate many of the cleanse elements in my daily life; I love how this cleanse lends itself to that, instead of being strict and impossibly virtuous for two weeks and then just falling off the wagon and returning to your usual patterns. I have done that a LOT… but this time I was able to use Esther’s program to reconstruct my eating habits and my whole attitude towards nourishing myself. Thank you!”

Elaine, Niwot, CO


The Alchemy of Nourishment

The Art, Science and Magic of Eating. A Guide for Transformational Nourishment, Seasonal Cleanse, and Recipes.

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